What are fleas?

Fleas are small, wingless insects, approximately one-eighth of an inch, with back legs that are modified for jumping.


They feed on blood by biting the host they are on. Females lay eggs, 30-50 per day, which fall off into the pet's environment - most of the lifecycle takes place off the host.


How does my pet get fleas?

Flea infestation is very common in both dogs and cats especially in the summer, however with central heating, double glazing and wall to wall carpeting we have created an ideal environment for fleas to live and breed, creating a year-round problem.


Eggs hatch into larvae which then pupate and can remain dormant for a long time. Young fleas emerge from the pupae and seek out a suitable host in response to vibration and change in light intensity. 


How do flea affect my pet?

Fleas can cause irritations from biting and moving around. Some animals can be allegic to fleas and develop severe skin lesions


Can I catch fleas?

Fleas will bite people as well as cats, dogs and rabbits



The best treatment is prevention - there are numerous products available to treat fleas. They come as spot ons, collars or in tablet/chew form. It is important to treat then environment as well


Please ask us what is the best product for your pet