Parasites and Your Pet

There are now a myriad of treatments available for parasite prevention for cats and dogs, making the choice as to what product to use and when extremely difficult.

Major parasites are-

  • Fleas - now ubiqitous and a year round problem

  • Ticks - increasing in numbers year on year and can transmit other diseases to your pet (Lyme disease, babesiosis)

  • Roundworm - present in all puppies and kittens and a potential zoonoses (can infect people)

  • Tapeworm - caught by eating intermediate hosts (fleas, mice, rabbits etc)

  • Lice - often seen in puppies or kennelled dogs

  • Lungworm - caught fron slugs and snails and can cause severe disease.

For more information on these vist our healthcare pages here

ICC has good information on fleas control for cats here

Treatments are avaiable as tablets, spot on preparations and collars. Not all products are equally effective.

The form on the right allows us to evaluate you pet's risks and formuate a tailor made parasite prevention programme - fill in all the fields and submit the form and we will get back you with our recommendations.

If you purchase 6 months supply of recommended products we will give you

10% off the total and send you reminders by SMS when to apply the treatments

Please note this facility is only available to registered, active clients of Dryfe Vets Ltd and as some of the products we recommend will be prescription only products your pet should have been seen by one of our vets or nurses in the last 12 months.