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Routine Fertility Work / Scanning

These involve more than just PD’ing– at these visits we will diagnose and treat a variety of fertility problems to get your cows back in calf as soon as possible. Our farm vets all carry portable ultrasound scanners to give you the most thorough service possible.  We regularly undertake synchronisation programs in dairy heifers and beef cattle to assist with breeding and calving management. 


Health Planning

Health plans are required for all farm assurance schemes but they are also a great tool to make sure you monitor current and potential disease or production issues on your farm. They also include appropriate vaccination programs and protocols to deal with and prevent the common problems you encounter.


Interherd Plus Monitoring

We can monitor and analyse herd performance - in areas such as fertility, individual somatic cell counts and clinical mastitis, production and nutrition parameters -   using data from your milk recording.


Mastitis & Lameness Investigations

Lameness investigations – from individual animals to whole herd or flock investigations.

Mastitis Investigations – if you are experiencing increased levels of clinical mastitis, high SCC’s or just want to evaluate your mastitis risk factors we can use your milk recording data and also visit to assess the areas of cow management involved in mastitis control.


Disease Screening

We can assist you with health scheme membership (eg Premium Cattle Health Scheme, Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme, Scottish Government BVD Eradication Scheme)


Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations &Tup Fertility Testing

The benefits of using a bull or tup of known fertility are obvious.  Significant numbers (around 20%) of bulls and tups are either subfertile or infertile and testing them before your breeding season or soon after purchase will allow you to achieve maximum conception rates and improve profits.


Advice and Supply of Routine Medications (Wormers, Fly Control etc)

Conflicting advice from many sources can lead to inappropriate worm and fluke dosing regimes.  Parasite resistance to common dosing products is an increasing problem and making sure you use a suitable product at the right time and the correct dose will help lower the chances of resistance on your farm. In addition, avoiding unnecessary dosing will save you money!


Emergency Work

24 hour emergency service – with all the planning in the world – emergencies will happen and we are here for when you need us!


Farmer Meetings

A nice opportunity to learn a bit more about current farm animal topics, chat to us and other farmers and get a wee feed and drink at the same time!  

Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club allows you to pay for your pet's essential preventative healthcare (vaccinations, worming, flea & tick prevention) by convenient direct debit thus spreading the costs. There are discounts and additional savings for members off select services. 


Modern Premises

Fully refurbished in 1996 to cope with growing demand we have 2 fully equiped consulting rooms, a prep room, a dedicated operating theatre and a suite of kennels.


On Site Blood Testing

Our newly acquired Idexx Catalyst and Lasercyte Machines allow us to run a wide range of diagnostic tests without having to wait for postage to external labs.


Digital X-Ray Facilities

Enable us to produce high quality images within 30 seconds.


Heated Recovery Kennels

Each kennel has its own in built underfloor heating.


Cryosurgery & Electrosurgery

Uses cold & heat respectively to treat a range of conditions.


Effective Preventative Treatments

We stock a range of the most effective flea, tick and worming treatments



Free Weight Checks

Pet obesity is an increasing problem - bring your pet in to get a free weight check and advice about managing your pet's weight


Prescription Diets

We stock Hills and Royal Canin Diets


Friendly Staff


On Street Parking


24 Hour Emergency Service

One of our vets is on call 24/7/365 should your pet require treatment outwith normal hours (call out fee applies) Phone 01576 202573

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