Pet Health Club

Our Pet Health Club allows you to pay for your pet's essential preventative healthcare by convenient monthly direct debit spreading the costs.  It includes annual vaccinations, quarterly worming and monthly flea and tick control as well as the additional benefits listed below.

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Additional Benefits to Club Members


  • free 6 month nurse health check

  • nail clips

  • weight checks and anal sac expressions

  • 10% off kennel cough vaccination (dogs)

  • 10% off additional worm and flea treatments

  • 10% off neutering

  • 10% off all prescription food

  • 10% off Hill’s Vet Essentials Range

  • 30% off microchipping

  • 10% off Rabies Vaccination and Pet Passport

  • 10% off dental treatment under general anaesthesia when recommended



Click below to download an application form or sign up online.

First payment is taken at the surgery at the time of signing up followed by 11 monthly direct debits